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var arrayPrototypeFind = require("array.prototype.find")

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array.prototype.find v2.1.1

Array.prototype.find ES6 polyfill.

Build Status

ES6 Array.prototype.find polyfill

Simple ES6 Array.prototype.find polyfill for older environments taken from es6-shim.

For browsers and node.js.


  • Just include repo before your scripts.
  • npm install array.prototype.find


  • Array.prototype.find(predicate[, thisArg]) returns first item that matches predicate function.
  • predicate(value, index, collection): takes three arguments
    • value: current collection element
    • index: current collection element index
    • collection: the collection
// as a function
var find = require('array.prototype.find');
find([1, 2], function (x) { return x === 2; }); // 2

// to shim it

Code example:

// Default:
[1, 5, 10, 15].find(function (a) { return a > 9; }) // 10


Tests, fixes and travis support added by _duncanhall


The MIT License (c) 2016 Paul Miller (


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