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var articulog = require("articulog")

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articulog v1.0.10

Simple dependency free javascript logger for easy and scalable logging


Simple typescript/javascript logging wrapper. Inspired by:

The goals of this project is to do the following:

  • Have a swappable typescript interface for logging
  • Have several log levels that can be adjusted dynamically
  • Have several categories of logs
  • Allow for easy crafting of different log targets
  • Enable a top level control to allow for configuring of logs dynamically, and as a group
  • Create with little to no dependencies (for simple logging)
  • Have this be useful for both browser and nodejs environments


npm install --save articulog


Get a basic console log

import {log, LoggerLevel} from 'articulog''Hello World!');


log.error('This won't show up');


log.debug('This won't show up either');

log.error('This will show up');

More advanced logs

import {ConsoleLoggerFactory, LoggerLevel} from 'articulog';

  name: 'APILog',
  level: LoggerLevel.WARN,
  methodFactory: (rawMethod: (...msg : Array<any>) => void, methodName: string, level: LoggerLevel, loggerName: string) => {
    return (...msg : Array<any>) => {

Top level log control

import {LogControl, LoggerLevel}

// Sets the loggers to silent

// Sets all logs to INFO

let logger = LogControl.getLog('APILog');
logger.error('An error occured!');

File logger

On a production nodejs application I would create a custom LoggerFactory that wraps winston functionality. I will add an example soon, but it is just a matter of creating a special factory.


Local Install

npm install


npm run build


npm test
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