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var asciiFullwidthHalfwidthConvert = require("ascii-fullwidth-halfwidth-convert")

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ascii-fullwidth-halfwidth-convert v0.1.1

Convert ASCII to their full-width form and back.


Coverts ASCII characters in the range \u0021-\u007E to their equivalent full-width form (\uFF01-\uFF5E), and vice versa. Also converts between the ASCII space \u0020 and Ideographic Space \u3000.


$ npm install ascii-fullwidth-halfwidth-convert


const AFHConvert = require('ascii-fullwidth-halfwidth-convert');
const converter = new AFHConvert();
const str = 'THE quick, BROWN\u3000fox.';

//=> 'THE quick, BROWN fox.'

//=> 'THE quick, BROWN fox.'


MIT © Sampath Sitinamaluwa

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