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require("@asciidoctor/core/package.json"); // @asciidoctor/core is a peer dependency. var asciidoctorPrismExtension = require("asciidoctor-prism-extension")

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asciidoctor-prism-extension v2.0.6

Highlight Asciidoc code listings with Prism.js, server side, with no front-end dependencies.

asciidoctor-prism-extension Build Status

Highlight Asciidoc code listings with Prism.js, server side, with no front-end dependencies.

This module is intended to be used with Asciidoctor.js, and Node.js (v10+). It adds a new syntax highlighter, to be used when converting Asciidoc to HTML5 documents. The syntax highlighting happens during the document conversion.

Example of rendered code listing


$ npm install @asciidoctor/core asciidoctor-prism-extension


Register the extension

const asciidoctor = require('@asciidoctor/core')();
const prismExtension = require('asciidoctor-prism-extension');

asciidoctor.SyntaxHighlighter.register('prism', prismExtension);

Change the rendering

This extension relies on Asciidoc attributes to affect the theme and the highlighted syntaxes.

= Document
:source-highlighter: prism
:prism-languages: bash,docker,jsx

AttributeDefaultPossible values
prism-themeprism.cssAny filename in this list.
prism-languagesasciidoc,bash,json,markdown,typescript,yamlAny supported language.

Theme can be disabled with the negated attribute (! character):

= Document
:source-highlighter: prism
:prism-languages: bash,docker,jsx


Render document

Then you convert as usual:

asciidoctor.convertFile('document.adoc', {
  to_file: 'document.html',
  backend: 'html5'

Note: attributes can be specified at this stage too. Have a look at Asciidoctor.js API to learn more about it.


Author your documents as you would regularly do. The second argument of a code listing hints the language to the syntax highlighter.

In the following example, yaml is going to be used to colour the output:

language: node_js
node_js: node

script: npm test



Prism is a highly configurable syntax highlighter.



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