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var astralPass = require("astral-pass")

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astral-pass v0.1.0

Pass system for Astral

Astral Pass

Pass helper for Astral that simplifies traversal.


Below is a simple example.

var myPass = require('astral-pass')(); = 'myPass';
myPass.prereqs = [ /* other pass names here */ ];

    // ... AST chunk
  when(function (chunk, info) {
    // return true or false
  do(function (chunk, info) {


More Complicated Passes

You can introduce more complicated behavior by composing passes. This is done by modifying a pass's prereqs property.

var astralPass = require('astral-pass');

// p1 needs some info to do its transformations

var p1 = astralPass(); = 'myPass';
p1.prereqs = [ 'p2' ];

  when( ... ).
  do( ... );

// p2 gathers the info for p1

var p2 = astralPass(); = 'myPass';

  when( ... ).
  do( ... );

I recommend namespacing passes with :.




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