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var atomPackageDeps = require("atom-package-deps")

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atom-package-deps v5.1.0

Automatically install package dependencies


Atom-Package-Deps is a module that lets your atom package depend on other atom packages, It's quite simple and shows a nice progress bar as a notification as the packages are installed.

How it works?

You need to have an array of package deps in your package manifest, like

  "name": "linter-ruby",
  "package-deps": ["linter"]

If you need to install package deps from a source other than, suffix a # character followed by a git remote (in any format supported by apm install):

  "name": "linter-ruby",
  "package-deps": ["linter#steelbrain/linter"]

If you need to install specific version of a package, you can add the minimum required version to the package name (semver doesn't work!), like this

  "name": "linter-ruby",
  "package-deps": ["linter:2.0.0"]

Because the package installation is async, it returns a promise that resolves when all the dependencies have been installed.

'use babel'

module.exports = {
  activate() {
    // replace the example argument 'linter-ruby' with the name of this Atom package
      .then(function() {
        console.log('All dependencies installed, good to go')


export function install(packageName, showPrompt = true)


Installation Prompt

Installation Progress

Installation Complete


This project is licensed under the terms of MIT license, See the license file or contact me for more info.

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