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authrocket-fix v0.0.8

Library for interfacing with AuthRocket service.


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NodeJS library for interfacing with Auth Rocket.

Why Not Use AuthRocket's authrocket.js?

Authrocket.js requires including jQuery and is therefore not a useful solution for running on NodeJS or within a front end project that doesn't use jQuery. Also, the API for the default AuthRocket library only provides methods for LoginRocket actions as it is for client side usage only.

Warning: Not officially supported by Auth Rocket.


Documentation is automatically generated from comments using gulp-esdoc. To view a hosted version of the documentation view the docs page.

Docs Page

Getting Started

  1. Install through npm: npm install --save authrocket
  2. Import AuthRocket:


var AuthRocket = require('authrocket');


import AuthRocket from 'authrocket';


<script src="node_modules/authrocket/dist/authrocket.js"></script>
Also available through CDN using:
<script src=""></script>
  1. Create a new AuthRocket instance:
//Create new authrocket instance with authrocket.js URL
var authrocket = new AuthRocket({jsUrl: ''});


Config variables can be set when you are creating your AuthRocket instance or through environment variables. Using environment variables is suggested for variables that should be kept private, such as your JWT secret.

LoginRocket capabilities (Login/Logout/Signup)

authrocket.js URL

Options Variable: jsUrl

Environment Variable: AUTHROCKET_JS_URL

Management Functionality (usually server side)

Account ID

Options Variable: accountId

Environment Variable: AUTHROCKET_ACCOUNT_ID

API key

Options Variable: apiKey

Environment Variable: AUTHROCKET_API_KEY

Realm Id

Options Variable: realmId

Environment Variable: AUTHROCKET_REALM_ID


Options Variable: apiUrl

Environment Variable: AUTHROCKET_API_URL

Other vars

JWT Secret

Options Variable: jwtSecret

Environment Variable: AUTHROCKET_JWT_SECRET


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