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var authy = require("authy")

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authy v1.4.0 API lib for node.js

node-authy Dependency Status

Authy and Verify API Client for Node.js written by Adam Baldwin.


npm install authy

When in doubt check out the official Authy and Verify docs.


Requiring node-authy

var authy = require('authy')('APIKEY');

Send OneTouch

OneTouch API docs are the source of truth. send_approval_request(id,user_payload,hidden_details,logos,callback)

authy.send_approval_request('1337', user_payload, [hidden_details], [logos], function (err, res) {
    // res = {"approval_request":{"uuid":"########-####-####-####-############"},"success":true}
  • id is the Authy id.
  • user_payload: { 'message': 'user message here', ['details': {...}] }
  • hidden_details: optional
  • logos: optional

Check Approval Status

check_approval_status (uuid,callback)

authy.check_approval_status(uuid, function(err, res) {
    res = {
      "approval_request": {
        "_app_name": YOUR_APP_NAME,
        "_app_serial_id": APP_SERIAL_ID,
        "_authy_id": AUTHY_ID,
        "_id": INTERNAL_ID,
        "_user_email": EMAIL_ID,
        "app_id": APP_ID,
        "created_at": TIME_STAMP,
        "notified": false,
        "processed_at": null,
        "seconds_to_expire": 600,
        "status": 'pending',
        "updated_at": TIME_STAMP,
        "user_id": USER_ID,
        "uuid": UUID
      "success": true

Register New User

User API Information

register_user(email, cellphone, [country_code], [send_install_link_via_sms], callback);

authy.register_user('', '509-555-1212', function (err, res) {
    // res = {user: {id: 1337}} where 1337 = ID given to use, store this someplace

If not given, country_code defaults to "1" and send_install_link_via_sms defaults to true.

Verify Token

verify(id, token, [force], callback);

authy.verify('1337', '0000000', function (err, res) {


Request SMS

request_sms(id, [force], callback);

authy.request_sms('1337', function (err, res) {



request_call(id, [force], callback);

authy.request_call('1337', function (err, res) {


Delete Registered User

delete_user(id, callback);

authy.delete_user('1337', function (err, res) {


Get Registered User Status

user_status(id, callback);

authy.user_status('1337', function (err, res) {


Start Phone Verification

Browse the API docs for all available params.

phones().verification_start(phone_number, country_code, params, callback);

authy.phones().verification_start('111-111-1111', '1', { via: 'sms', locale: 'en', code_length: '6' }, function(err, res) {


The params argument is optional and sets 'sms' as the default via, leaving the other two options blank.

Check Phone Verification

Browse the API docs for all available params.

phones().verification_check(phone_number, country_code, verification_code, callback);

authy.phones().verification_check('111-111-1111', '1', '0000', function (err, res) {


Status of Phone Verification

Browse the API docs for all available params.

phones().verification_status(phone_number, country_code, callback);

authy.phones().verification_status('111-111-1111', '1', function (err, res) {



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