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aviate lists no main file and has no index.js, so it can't be directly required. If this is a mistake, please let us know. It may however contain internal files that you can require manually:

// require("aviate/[??]")

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aviate v1.0.1


Small WebPack based SCSS / Javascript compiler


Install the package

npm install --save aviate

Open package.json and add:

    "scripts": {
        "dev": "aviate",
        "build": "aviate build"

Create the aviate.config.js

Configuration file

Aviate is configured using the aviate.config.js file at the root of your project.

const path = require('path')

module.exports = {
    // Defaults to http://localhost:8080 when not provided
    host: 'http://localhost:8080/',
    // Location to copy production assets to (usually one directory)
    distLocations: [
        path.join(__dirname, 'your/production/assets/directory')
    // Optional location of svgs to create a SVG sprite map. Can also be an object with configuration options for
    svgSprite: '**/*.svg',
    // Entirely optional if you don't have any custom postcss plugins
    // This example shows how to add css-mqpacker
    postCss(loader, defaultPlugins) {
        // Optional possibility to disable default postCSS plugins        
        const plugins = defaultPlugins({
            // 'autoprefixer': true,
            // 'lost': true,
            // 'postcss-custom-media': true,
            // 'postcss-zindex': true,
            // 'postcss-discard-duplicates': true,
            // 'postcss-unique-selectors': true,
            // 'postcss-responsive-type': true


        return plugins
    // Allows you to define custom WebPack properties
    // `config` is a WebPack config object
    // `config.entry` is required
    // Entries will be compiled to `http://localhost:8080/<entrykey>` in development
    // In production the entries will be copied to `distLocations`
    decorateConfig(config) {
        config.entry = Object.assign({}, config.entry, {
            // When using scss that never changes (external dependencies) should be added to the array to greatly improve compilation time
            'styles': [
                path.join(__dirname, 'web/app/themes/wecustom/assets/styles/main.scss')
            // All javascript goes through Babel. So you can write es2015 (ES6) code. It also includes all requirements for compiling React applications
            'javascript': [
                path.join(__dirname, 'web/app/themes/wecustom/assets/javascript/main.js')

        return config

PostCSS plugins

These plugins are included by default:


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