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var avrisSorter = require("avris-sorter")

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avris-sorter v0.0.2

Lightweight sorting of tables

Sorter – Lightweight sorting of tables

Just add [data-sort] attributes to the th elements in columns you'd like to sort a table by, include ~1kB of JS & CSS, and initialise with sorter() – and that's it!


You can either install Sorter as a node module:

$ npm i --save avris-sorter


$ yarn add avris-sorter

Or use a CDN:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

<script src=""></script>



Just make sure that the columns you want to be able to sort by have a [data-sort] attibute:

<th data-sort>Column</th>

If you want to treat the values in the column as numbers, use:

<th data-sort="number">Column</th>

Instead of using the column innerText for sorting, you can specify any arbitrary value in the [data-sort-value] attribute of a cell and set [data-sort] of the column to data or data-number:

<th data-sort="data-number">Balance</th>


<td data-sort-value="38.12">38.12€</td>

If you want the table to be automatically sorted by some column after the page is loaded, you can set [data-sort-auto=<direction>]:

<th data-sort="number" data-sort-auto="desc">Points</th>


import sorter from 'avris-sorter';

// or
// or



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