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var awsBuddy = require("aws-buddy")

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aws-buddy v1.0.11

AWS Buddy: A Build Manager backed by an S3 bucket

AWS Buddy: A Build Manager backed by an S3 bucket

What's AWS Buddy?

AWS Buddy is a command line tool that helps you use an S3 bucket as a simple build manager.


# install it (globally)
$ npm install aws-buddy -g

# use it (generates default config on first use)
$ buddy --help

# config it (you'll need to make some edits before this will work for you)
$ vi ~/.aws-buddy.json

Typical Workflow and S3 Directory Structure

  1. buddy push download remote build and upload it to dev.
  2. buddy info display the status of all environments.
  3. buddy promote --env dev copy build from dev to stage.
  4. buddy promote --env stage --ver 1.2.0 copy build from stage to prod and put a versioned copy in the archive directory.

It's just a file mover! But the thought is that you can setup your deployments to pull from the corresponding environment directory.


  • push : download remote build & upload to first environment (dev)
  • push-local : upload local build to first environment (dev)
  • promote : copies specified env build to configured promotesTo env. may also archive based on configuration. --env is required, --ver may be required. example: buddy promote --env stage --ver 1.16.1
  • info : list the current status of each environment
  • bucket : list the contents of the configured bucket


After first run a config file will be generated into your home dir.


Note: You can specify a different config file by using the -f, --file options. This is useful if you want to use AWS Buddy with multiple different applications.

You will need to edit this file. Here is an example...

        "awsRegion": "us-east-1",  // AWS S3 region
        "awsProfile": "user2"  // AWS Named Profile for alternate credentials - OPTIONAL (you will normally not need this)
        "bucket": "S3_BUCKET_NAME", // AWS S3 bucket name
        "buildFileName": "", // build file name in S3
        "localBuildFile": "~/dev/", // location of the local build file, used in the push-local cmd
        "infoFile": "info.json", // name of the meta file that is written to S3
        "archive": {
            "dir": "build/archive", // archive s3 dir
            "prefix": "MyCoolApp-", // archive file name prefix
            "suffix": ".zip"  // archive file name suffix
        "remoteBuild": {
            "url": "", // url to download remote build, used in push cmd
            "user": "",  // basic auth user
            "pass": "password-in-clear-fail",  // basic auth pass
            "localBuildFile": "~/temp/" // location on local machine to save the downloaded build
        // You can add additional environments or edit these.
        "environments": {
            "prod": {
                "label": "Production", // Display name
                "key": "prod", // must match hash key
                "order": 3,  // order lower goes first
                "dir": "build/env/prod",  // dir in s3
                "promotesTo": false,   // where does this env promote to
                "archiveOnPromote": true  // should we archive when an env is promoted to this env
            "stage": {
                "label": "Stage",
                "key": "stage",
                "order": 2,
                "dir": "build/env/stage",
                "promotesTo": "prod",
                "archiveOnPromote": false
            "dev": {
                "label": "Development",
                "key": "dev",
                "order": 1,
                "dir": "build/env/dev",
                "promotesTo": "stage",
                "archiveOnPromote": false



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