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var babelPluginPreactFragment = require("babel-plugin-preact-fragment")

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babel-plugin-preact-fragment v1.1.1

babel plugin to add React Fragment support in preact

React.Fragment babel transpiler for preact applications Known Vulnerabilities


This plugin will only remove the Fragment element if there's only one children. This can be helpfull if you're rendering a SVG element which gets broken with the <undefined /> wrapper.

If there's multiple children this plugin will skip transformation.



yarn add babel-plugin-preact-fragment -D
# or
npm i babel-plugin-preact-fragment --save-dev

Config your build pipeline


In your babel config:

plugins: [

webpack with babel-loader

Be sure to include the code that's using React.Fragment, probably it's from node_modules.

  test: /\.(jsx|js)?$/,
  include: [
    // Below is the module who's using React.Fragment
  use: 'babel-loader'

Covered use cases

Checkout tests/index.js (and the tests/fixtures dir) to see what this plugin is covering. If you find any cases where it's not working, you're welcome to file an issue.

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