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var baucisDecoratorInsensitive = require("baucis-decorator-insensitive")

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baucis-decorator-insensitive v1.0.1

Allows an `insensitive` query parameter.


Allows an insensitive query parameter and acts like a very basic auto-complete.


npm install baucis-decorators baucis-decorator-insensitive --save


Just add the decorator and then suppose you have some users named "John", "joe", and "JONNY". You'd be able to GET all three of those users via /api/users?insensitive[name]=jo.



var baucis = require('baucis');
var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var Schema = mongoose.Schema;
var ObjectId = Schema.Types.ObjectId;

var ResourceProps = {}; = {
  type: String

var ResourceSchema = new Schema(ResourceProps);
var ResourceModel = mongoose.model('Resource', ResourceSchema);
var ResourceController ='Resource');

var decorators = require('baucis-decorators');, [

 * Expose controller.
module.exports = ResourceController;
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