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beacon-tool-cli v1.0.2

CLI to beacon-tool.


CLI for beacon-tool. A collection of bluetooth beacon signal uitiliy functions.


Build Status


Beacon Tool enables you to generate, identify and validates various Bluetooth beaconing payloads.



npm i [-g] beacon-tool-cli


yarn [global] add beacon-tool-cli

Installing beacon-tool-cli globally, e.g. npm i -g beacon-tool-cli, makes the bt command availble in your shell.



Usage: bt <command> [options]

  bt gen <format> [pretty]       Generate a signal payload for the given
                                       format.               [aliases: generate]
  bt val <format> <payload>      Validate if a signal payload conforms to
                                       the given format.     [aliases: validate]
  bt id <payload> [quiet]        Identify a payload.   [aliases: identify]
  bt pp <payload> [format]       Pretty print a payload.
                                                             [aliases: beautify]
  bt info <format> [formatting]  Print information regarding the given
                                       format.            [aliases: information]
  bt completion                  generate bash completion script

  --version  Show version number                                       [boolean]
  --help     Show help                                                 [boolean]

  bt gen ibeacon                      Generate an iBeacon UUID
  bt val eddystoneuid                 Check if
  37867a65fd3e4ed5afe2-ce2659350518         '37867a65fd3e4ed5afe2-ce2659350518'
                                            is a valid Eddystone UID
                                            namespace-instance pair.
  bt id                               Identify the format for
  37867a65fd3e4ed5afe2-ce2659350518         37867a65fd3e4ed5afe2-ce2659350518.
  bt pp                               Pretty print
  37867a65fd3e4ed5afe2ce2659350518 iBeacon  '37867a65fd3e4ed5afe2ce2659350518'
                                            in iBeacon format.
  bt info altbeacon json              Print information about AltBeacon in
                                            JSON format.


Beacon Tool tries to be smart about spelling, e.g. Eddystone-UID, eddystoneuid and eddystone-UID will all match Eddystone UID.


Beacon Tool is not case sensitive and does not mind whether or not dashes are in the payload.

Further information

Enter bt <command> help for detailed information about about each command. E.g. bt gen help


License: MIT

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