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var behanceApi = require("behance-api")

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behance-api v1.1.4

Node.js wrapper for the Behance API


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Node.js wrapper for the Behance API, see the Behance API docs for more details. In order to use the Behance API you will need to register your application to receive your API key.


Install package with NPM

npm install behance-api --save


Making a request looks something like this:

// Dependencies
const Behance = require('behance-api');
const Be = new Behance(API_KEY);

// Get Projects Data
Be.projects({q: 'motorcycle'}, function (err, res, data) {
  if (err) throw err;

  // Do something with the data received from the API

The snippet above will make a request to the Behance API and receive the first page of results that match the motorcycle query for the /projects/ endpoint. It then displays that data in the terminal. Every callback gets three arguments; an error (if there is one), the HTTP response, and a JSON object.


For documentation around accessing all of the endpoints, see API Docs



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