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var bemjsonToHtml = require("bemjson-to-html")

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bemjson-to-html v0.3.0

BEMJSON to HTML serializer

bemjson-to-html NPM version Build Status Dependency Status

BEMJSON to HTML serializer

This is optimized part of jsot-bh for generation HTML from constructed BEMJSON.


new BEMJSON([options])

Creates serializer object.


  • jsAttrScheme Boolean - If js, attribute with js params will be prefixed with return (default: js).
  • jsAttrName String - Specifies name of attribute, that will contain jsParams (default: onclick).
  • defaultTag String - Default tag name for block without tag property (default: div).


Returns serialized HTML string.


4,133,717 op/s » bemjson-to-html
2,371,357 op/s » bh

109,658 op/s » bemjson-to-html
78,604 op/s » bh

27,264 op/s » bemjson-to-html
23,367 op/s » bh

1,508,587 op/s » stringify (no escaping)
843,899 op/s » stringify (escaped with replace)
388,025 op/s » stringify (escaped)
312,156 op/s » bemjson-to-html
220,219 op/s » bh


MIT (c) Vesvolod Strukchinsky

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