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var bik = require("bik")

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bik v2.0.1

Simple functional components for non-choo & choo environments


Simple functional components for non-choo & choo environments. Provides a state around morfine.


npm i bik


var component = require('bik')
var html = require('nanohtml')

var counter = component({ count: 0 }, function (ctx, amount) {
  return html`
    <div onclick="${click}">Count is ${ctx.count}</div>

  function click () {
    ctx.count += amount

// non-choo

// choo

It also works standalone in the browser by including build/bik.min.js. It provides a global bik function.


To write simple components and be able to use them outside of Choo.

Bik's philosophy:

  • Support both choo and non-choo environments
  • Direct access to the whole context (state + component)
  • No events, only functions


render(...props) = bik(initialState, renderer(context, ...props))

Initialize a new bik instance. initialState is an object. The renderer function gets the whole context (state + component) as an argument, followed by the arguments of the render call.


Called when the element was mounted via on-load.


Called when the element was unmounted via on-load.

component.rerender() or component.r()

Rerenders the component.


Called after the new tree has been generated, but not yet rendered.


Called after the new tree was rendered.


The current DOM Node in the document.

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