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var blastoff = require("blastoff")

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blastoff v0.0.6

A tool to find out about upcoming space mission launches.


Find out when the next rocket launch is.

What's it do?

Running blastoff from the command line will output information on upcoming space missions and rocket launches in chronological order. It can also be require'd for use in code.


npm install -g blastoff

For non-command-line use, you can obviously leave out the -g flag.



Prints info for the next rocket launch.

blastoff --count 5 -b

Prints info for the next 5 rocket launches in boring mode (plain old json). If you require it, it will always return json so no option needs to be set.

blastoff(count, callback)

count: A number that determines how many results to return.

callback: Follows standard (err, data) pattern.`

var blastoff = require('blastoff');

blastoff(1, function(err, data){
    console.log('Looks like Miklós made a mistake somewhere.');

//-> Output will be a single element array with an object for the next launch.

Thanks to for the data.

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