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var bookshare = require("bookshare")

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bookshare v1.0.0

an app to share books btw friends

Book Share

Book Share allows users to connect through their love of reading by sharing their favorite books with friends.

Table of Contents

  1. Requirements
  2. Development
    1. Installing Dependencies
  3. Features
  4. Routes
  5. Schema
  6. Testing
  7. Roadmap
  8. Team
  9. Contributing


  • React
  • Node
  • mySql


Installing Dependencies

From within the root directory:

npm install
bower install

If you are using Mac OSX or Linux run


From the root directory, this script is assuming you have node and bower installed


  • Secure sign-in with salting and hashing
  • Google Books API Integration
  • Implemented SASS as a preprocessor
  • Generated Gruntfile to clean build files, transpile with webpack and generate style.css with SASS
  • Implemented MySQL Database
  • React front-end
  • Redux integration on the front-end
  • Implemented Node with Express library for the server


/api/friendRequestsPOSTUser ControlleraddFriend
/api/friendsGETUser ControllerviewAllFriends
/api/user/:idGETUser ControllergetUser
/api/findFriends/:queryGETUser ControllerfindFriends
/api/friendRequestsGETUser ControllergetFriendRequests
/api/acceptFriendRequestPOSTUser ControlleracceptFriendRequest
/api/deleteFriendRequestPOSTUser ControllerdeleteFriendRequest
/api/friends/:id/booksGETBook ControllerviewFriendBooks
/api/booksGETBook ControlleraddBook
/api/booksDELETEBook ControllerviewMyShelf
/api/friendsBooks/:idGETBook ControllerviewFriendBook
/api/friendsBooks/:idGETBook ControllerdeleteBook
/api/bookRequestPOSTBook ControllermakeBookRequest
/api/deleteBookRequestPOSTBook ControllerdeleteBookRequest
/api/acceptBookRequestPOSTBook ControlleracceptBookRequest
/api/myBookRequestsGETBook ControllergetRequestedBooksToFriends
/api/myRequestedBooksGETBook ControllergetRequestedBooksToMe
/api/lentBooksGETBook ControllergetLentBooks
/api/borrowedBooksGETBook ControllergetBorrowedBooks
/api/getAllBooksFromFriendsGETBook ControllergetAllBooksFromFriends
/api/tradeRequestsPOSTBook ControllermakeTradeRequest
/api/deleteTradeRequestPOSTBook ControllerdeleteTradeRequest
/api/acceptTradeRequestPOSTBook ControlleracceptTradeRequest
/api/completeTradeRequestPOSTBook ControllercompleteTradeRequest
/api/viewFriendBooksPOSTBook ControllerviewFriendBooks


Bookshare database schema


Create bookshare_test database.

From within the root directory: cd into server directory and run the following to start testing.



View the app roadmap here


Yasu Flores

Leorina Baybay

Jonathan Blaising


See for contribution guidelines.

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