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var brokenLinkCheckerLocal = require("broken-link-checker-local")

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broken-link-checker-local v0.2.1

Find broken links, missing images, etc in your HTML, even in local files


Find broken links, missing images, etc in your HTML, even in local files.

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Just a tiny wrapper around broken-link-checker by stevenvachon that allows you to check local directories for broken links.


With Node.js (version 6 or higher) installed, run

npm install -g broken-link-checker-local

to install this module globally.


All commands of broken-link-checker can be used in exactly the same way with this module. The only difference is that broken-link-checker-local is available as blcl.

In addition to running checks on URLs by running

blcl -ro

you can also check local directories by providing a path instead of a URL:

blcl ./path/to/directory -ro

You can run blcl --help to check for available options.

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