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var bubbly = require("bubbly")

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bubbly v1.1.2

Shorthand for event handling


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Effortlessly create CustomEvent instances.

Trigger events on any object that implements the EventTarget interface.

Fits well with Custom Elements in Web Components based apps.

Designed to be used with ECMAScript Function Bind syntax.


npm install --save bubbly


dispatch(type, detail)

import {dispatch} from 'bubbly'
const target = new EventTarget()
target::dispatch('welcome', { hello: 'world' })

bubble(type, detail)

Like dispatch but lets the event bubble up.

import {bubble} from 'bubbly'
document.body::bubble('shake', { dat: 'booty' })

on(type, handler)

Alias for addEventListener.

import {on} from 'bubbly'

off(type, handler)

Alias for removeEventListener.

import {off} from 'bubbly'

once(type, handler)

Wait for an event to fire, then stop listening.

import {once} from 'bubbly'
const anchor = document.createElement('a')
anchor::once('click', event => event.preventDefault())

Or treat an event like a Promise.

await anchor::once('click')


Run tests

npm test


mocha --watch

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