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var bufferedsplitter = require("bufferedsplitter")

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bufferedsplitter v1.1.1

A node transform stream that splits data on a given seperator into chunks


This module implements the Node transform stream interface. It is used to transform a stream into a chunk size of your choosing. It keeps an internal buffer and will spit out a chunk each time it fills up.


To install it simply run npm install bufferedsplitter in a terminal.


The BufferedSplitter constructor takes three arguments. The chunkSize(number), the delimiter(string) and an optional defaultEncoding(string, defaults to 'utf-8').


This module has one base use-case; you want to stream a large file or network request chunk by chunk. You might for example have a large database dump that you want to split into smaller files where each item is seperated by a new line:

const fs = require('fs');
const BufferedSplitter = require('bufferedsplitter');
const splitter = new BufferedSplitter(20, '\n'); // The delimiter is \n but could be anything
  .on('data', data => {
    // data here will be a chunk of 20 items.
  .on('finish', () => console.log('Stream finished.'));


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