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var bybitApi = require("bybit-api")

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bybit-api v1.2.5

A production-ready Node.js connector for the Bybit APIs and WebSockets


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A production-ready Node.js connector for the Bybit APIs and WebSockets.


npm install --save bybit-api


Create API credentials at Bybit

Issues & Discussion


Most methods accept JS objects. These can be populated using parameters specified by Bybit's API documentation.

Inverse Contracts

Rest client

const {RestClient} = require('bybit-api');

const API_KEY = 'xxx';
const PRIVATE_KEY = 'yyy';

const client = new RestClient(API_KEY, PRIVATE_KEY);

client.changeUserLeverage({leverage: 4, symbol: 'ETHUSD'})
  .then(result => {
  .catch(err => {

See inverse rest-client.js for further information.

Websocket client

const {WebsocketClient} = require('bybit-api');

const API_KEY = 'xxx';
const PRIVATE_KEY = 'yyy';

const wsConfig = {
  key: API_KEY,
  secret: PRIVATE_KEY,

  // The following parameters are optional:

  // defaults to false == testnet. set to true for livenet.
  // livenet: true

  // override which URL to use for websocket connections
  // wsUrl: 'wss://'

  // how often to check (in ms) that WS connection is still alive
  // pingInterval: 10000,

  // how long to wait (in ms) before deciding the connection should be terminated & reconnected
  // pongTimeout: 1000,

  // how long to wait before attempting to reconnect (in ms) after connection is closed
  // reconnectTimeout: 500,

  // config options sent to RestClient (used for time sync). See RestClient docs.
  // restOptions: { },

  // config for axios to pass to RestClient. E.g for proxy support
  // requestOptions: { }

const ws = new WebsocketClient(wsConfig);

ws.subscribe(['position', 'execution', 'trade']);

ws.on('open', () => {
  console.log('connection open');

ws.on('update', message => {
  console.log('update', message);

ws.on('response', response => {
  console.log('response', response);

ws.on('close', () => {
  console.log('connection closed');

ws.on('error', err => {
  console.error('ERR', err);

See inverse websocket-client.js & ws api docs for further information.

Customise Logging

Pass a custom logger which supports the log methods silly, debug, notice, info, warning and error, or override methods from the default logger as desired:

const { RestClient, WebsocketClient, DefaultLogger } = require('bybit-api');

// Disable all logging on the silly level
DefaultLogger.silly = () => {};

const ws = new WebsocketClient({key: 'xxx', secret: 'yyy'}, DefaultLogger);

Contributions & Thanks



If you found this project interesting or useful, create accounts with my referral links:

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  • BTC: 1C6GWZL1XW3jrjpPTS863XtZiXL1aTK7Jk
  • ETH (ERC20): 0xd773d8e6a50758e1ada699bb6c4f98bb4abf82da


The original library was started by @pixtron. If this library helps you to trade better on bybit, feel free to donate a coffee to @pixtron:

  • BTC 1Fh1158pXXudfM6ZrPJJMR7Y5SgZUz4EdF
  • ETH 0x21aEdeC53ab7593b77C9558942f0c9E78131e8d7

Contributions & Pull Requests

Contributions are encouraged, I will review any incoming pull requests. See the issues tab for todo items.

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