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var calcium = require("calcium")

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calcium v0.5.3

Fetch school meals infomation from korea goverment homepage.


Korea School Meal Information API

NOTE: Digital Media Highschool is NOT supported. See the Dimigo section for more info.


  • callback gets 2 arguments: (error, data)
    • error: String, presents error.
    • data: Array of Object, contains data.
  • calcium.find(gov, query, callback)
    • gov is domain prefix or city name in English (seoul) or Korean (서울).
  • calcium.get(code[, year, month], callback)
    • code is a school code.


> calcium = require('calcium')
> calcium.find('서울', '린인', (e, d) => console.log(d) )
[ { name: '선린인터넷고등학교',
    code: 'B100000658',
    type: '고등학교',
    address: '서울특별시 용산구 청파동3가' } ]
> calcium.get('B100000658', 2016, 8, (e, d) => console.log(d) )
  { lunch: [ '흑미밥', '참치김치찌개', '양념깻잎', '소고기버섯볶음', '부들어묵볶음', '포기김치' ],
    dinner: [ '렌틸콩밥', '동태찌개', '순대야채볶음', '계란말이', '포기김치', '(음료) 과일맛음료 2' ] },
  { lunch: [ '수수밥', '콩비지찌개', '탕평채', '참나물무침', '오리야채볶음', '포기김치' ],
    dinner: [ '소고기야채볶음밥', '함박스테이크', '포기김치', '크림스프', '(음료) 과일맛음료 1', '마카로니샐러드' ] },
  { lunch: [ '칼슘쌀밥', '갈비탕', '계란찜', '만두강정', '깍두기', '자두' ],
    dinner: [ '클로렐라쌀밥', '닭곰탕', '알감자조림', '양념떡꼬치', '임연수구이', '포기김치' ] },
  { lunch: [ '칼슘쌀밥', '감자탕', '청경채무침', '언양식파채불고기', '포기김치', '찐옥수수' ],
    dinner: [ '고추장불고기주먹밥', '잔치국수', '다시마튀각', '포기김치', '햄또띠아' ] },


Dimigo has school code of J100000855, but they DOES NOT upload meal info to NEIS server. you may find something useful from Dimigoin.


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