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var camusTest = require("camus-test")

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camus-test v0.1.8

A little utility for testing the CAMUS prototype


A little utility for testing the CAMUS prototype


Install it with

npm install camus-test


    camus-test distribution [ -n N ] ( -u URL ) ( -d DATA ) ( -g TAG ) [ -e ] [ -l LAMBDA ] [ -t TYPE ] [ -q ]
    camus-test service-time [ -n N ] ( -u URL ) ( -d DATA ) ( -g TAG ) [ -e ] [ -q ]
    camus-test ( -h | --help )

    -h, --help              help for camus-test
    -n, --numreq N          number of requests             [default: 10]
    -l, --lambda LAMBDA     arrival rate (Req/s)           [default: 1]
    -t, --type TYPE         arrival time distribution      [default: fixed]
    -u, --url URL           url endpoint
    -d, --datafile DATA     file with request payloads
    -g, --tag TAG           payload to use
    -e, --get               use HTTP get
    -q, --graphql           make GraphQL query

    service-time            measure service time (back-to-back requests)
    distribution            measure response time

    DATA                    file with the request payloads


    The following arrival rate distributions are available:

    - 'fixed': arrivals occur at fixed regular intervals (uses the parameter LAMBDA to specify the rate).

    - 'exponential': uses parameter LAMBDA which is interpreted as the average number of
    requests per second. The exponential distribution occurs when describing the
    lengths of the inter-arrival times in a homogeneous poisson process
    (arrivals are independent).

    DATA should be of the type [ { "tag": STRING, "payload": { REQUEST } ].


  • Vittorio Zaccaria


Released under the BSD License.

Bug fixes

  • readme location -- [Apr 22nd 16](../../commit/0e8ec483d066efce116aada26abd481dbaccd1a7)
  • freeze dependencies -- [Apr 21st 16](../../commit/d5d4c41da4af22d3bed51df8af9bc1668692b8e5)
  • cast number of requests to int -- [Jan 15th 16](../../commit/f87bff3e456a98aabc8212b04ed2f2aee518f9e1), [Jan 15th 16](../../commit/77dd208f636f4ad0f94bd34d4615ec5027b4ebd0)
  • fix number of requests -- [Jan 15th 16](../../commit/7b5d84a7ad6f3e68099486bff502caf359f80c8b)
  • use correct scale factor for computing milliseconds -- [Jan 15th 16](../../commit/7527e75213e7b47b4f62eccd798095d602e920ed)
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