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var cert2secret = require("cert2secret")

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cert2secret v0.0.1

Turn your TLS certificates into a Kubernetes TLS secret manifest.


Easily generate a Kubernetes TLS secret manifest from a TLS key/certificate pair.

Use case: you want to secure an Ingress specifying a secret containing the TLS key/cert pair.

NOTE: If your goal it's just to create a tls secret in a cluster you can use kubectl instead.

kubectl create secret tls ${CERT_NAME} --key ${KEY_FILE} --cert ${CERT_FILE}


npm install -g cert2secret


Usage: cert2secret [options]

  -V, --version                  output the version number
  -k, --key <key file>           you must specify a TLS key file
  -c, --cert <certificate file>  you must specify a TLS certificate file
  -d --dest <destination>        destination for the generated yaml manifest
  --secretname <secretname>      the name of your certificate used in the secret metadata
  --namespace <namespace>        the namespace for your certificate manifest
  -h, --help                     output usage information


cert2secret -k your-certificate.key -c your-certificate.crt -d ./certificate-manifest.yaml

The command above will generate a file called certificate-manifest.yml with the following content:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  namespace: default
  tls.crt: >-
    ...base64 encoded certificate data
  tls.key: >-
    ...base64 encoded key data
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