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require("chainbuilder/package.json"); // chainbuilder is a peer dependency. var chainbuilderSave = require("chainbuilder-save")

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chainbuilder-save v1.0.0

Chainbuilder mixin for saving/restoring values.

chainbuilder-save Build Status

A chainbuilder mixin for saving/restoring values.

Installation npm install chainbuilder chainbuilder-save --save


var chainBuilder = require('chainbuilder');

var myChain = chainBuilder({
  methods: {/* ... your methods ... */},
  mixins: [
    /* ... other mixins ... */


  .save('var1')           // Saves 3 to 'var1'
  .save('var2')           // Save 8 to 'var2'
  .injectSaved('var1')    // Value in the chain is now 3
  .end(function (err, result) {
    console.log(result);                // > 4
    console.log(this.getSaved('var1')); // > 3
    console.log(this.getSaved('var2')); // > 8



Init the mixin.


Save the previous result.

@param {String} varName a name for the variable (re-using a name will override the value).


Inject the saved value back into the chain.

@param {String} varName name of the variable to restore.

this.getSaved(varName) context method

Get a saved value from within a chainbuilder context (e.g. a tap, transform or end callback).

@param {String} varName name of the variable to get.

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