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var chromeHar = require("chrome-har")

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chrome-har v0.11.4

Create HAR files from Chrome Debugging Protocol data.


Build status

Create HAR files based on Chrome DevTools Protocol data.

Code originally extracted from Browsertime, initial implementation inspired by Chromedriver_har.

Support for Response Bodies

Chrome-har optionally supports response bodies in HARs if they are set on the response object by the caller and if the includeTextFromResponseBody option is set to true.

For example:

const harEvents: Array<any> = [];

client.on('Network.requestIntercepted', async (params: any) => {
  // Get the response body
  const response = await client.send(
    { interceptionId: params.interceptionId },

  // Set the body on the response object
  if (params.response != null) {
    params.response.body = response.body;
  } else {
    params.response = response;

  // Continue the request
  await client.send(
    { interceptionId: params.interceptionId },

  harEvents.push({ method, params });

const har = harFromMessages(harEvents, {includeTextFromResponseBody: true});
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