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cldr-tools v0.1.0

utility tools for cldr

CLDR Tools

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Please Note

This is an experimental project, modules or api may change frequently.

This project aim to build utility and convenient tools for CLDR(Common Locale Data Repository, which have a lot of all kinds of data in all over 200+ languages).

Hope to help front-end developers to build globalization applications.

Features (for now)

Features (to be implemented)

  • decimal formatting: some thing like 1000000000 => 1 billion(in English) but 10亿(in Chinese)
  • other many fun functions

Getting Started

$ npm install cldr-tools

search locales by language name

const search = require('cldr-tools/lib/search/available-locales')

search('English') // => ['en', 'en-AU', 'en-CA', 'en-GB']
search('英文') // => ['en', 'en-AU', 'en-CA', 'en-GB']
search('中文') // => ['zh', 'zh-Hans', 'zh-Hant']
search('Chinese') // => ['zh', 'zh-Hans', 'zh-Hant']
search('日文') // => ['ja']
search('日本語') // => ['ja']

get languages' display name

const languageDisplayNames = require('cldr-tools/lib/display-names/languages')

languageDisplayNames(['zh', 'en'])
// => [{
   locale: 'zh',
   displayName: '中文'
}, {
   locale: 'en',
   displayName: 'English'

languageDisplayNames(['zh', 'en'], 'en')
// => [{
   locale: 'zh',
   displayName: 'Chinese'
}, {
   locale: 'en',
   displayName: 'English'

languageDisplayNames(['zh', 'en'], 'en', true)
// => [{
   locale: 'zh',
   displayName: 'Chinese',
   original: '中文'
}, {
   locale: 'en',
   displayName: 'English',
   original: 'English'

Command line tool

could search locales in your terminal

see cldr-cli


waiting to be write


This project is a fresh start, welcome to contribute! Please follow the Github Flow


  • This is open source project, so unit test is required. Using Mocha, chai, sinon so far.
  • Comments are welcome and expected
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