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This is a playground to test code. It runs a full Node.js environment and already has all of npm’s 400,000 packages pre-installed, including cli-test-workshop with all npm packages installed. Try it out:

var cliTestWorkshop = require("cli-test-workshop")

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cli-test-workshop v0.4.0

cli for test workshop


CLI for test workshop

oclif Version CircleCI License

* [Usage](#usage) * [Commands](#commands) * [Developing](#Developing)


```sh-session $ npm install -g cli-test-workshop $ clitw -b USD -s ExchangeRates Rates for USD: {"date":"2018-10-12","rates":{"BGN":1.6898220149,"CAD":1.3006739243,"BRL":3.782961811,"HUF":280.0673924313,"DKK":6.4456540522,"JPY":112.3120787973,"ILS":3.6288232245,"TRY":5.8769656126,"RON":4.0273889753,"GBP":0.7572144462,"PHP":54.0703300501,"HRK":6.4035769829,"NOK":8.1799723518,"ZAR":14.4288923449,"MXN":18.872818386,"AUD":1.4027993779,"USD":1,"KRW":1131.1733195092,"HKD":7.8361845516,"EUR":0.8640055296,"ISK":116.122343183,"CZK":22.2714705374,"THB":32.7302574736,"MYR":4.1544841887,"NZD":1.5351650251,"PLN":3.709694142,"CHF":0.9910143425,"SEK":8.9504924832,"CNY":6.9157594609,"SGD":1.3765336098,"INR":73.565318818,"IDR":15205.0025920166,"RUB":65.9235355106},"base":"USD"}

# Commands
<!-- commands -->

# Developing
<!-- developing -->
$ make install

$ make test

$ make publish
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