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var cliWorm = require("cli-worm")

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cli-worm v0.1.3

an epub reader for the command line


A simple CLI epub reader

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  • Do you want to read an epub file, but you're too lazy to move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse?

  • Do you miss the good old days of reading the encyclopedia via an ncurses application?

  • Do you know what an encyclopedia is?

    Then this app is for you!

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  • w3m
  • nodeJS (>= 10.19.0)
    • I recommend first installing nvm first, then simply running, nvm install node 8.9.4, but you can also install node directly. Google for your platform of choice

Installation Instructions

npm install -g cli-worm


cli-worm [--flags] <filePath>


  • --dumpdumpChapterList: prints a list of all chapters in the e-pub with each chapter separated by a new line charater and each line containing the chapter title and the path to the chapter within the e-pub separated by commas
  • --dumpFullText: dumps the entire text of all chapters in the book to the command line


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