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var code2image = require("code2image")

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code2image v0.9.3

The library allows to create an image from a code with custom highlighting


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The library allows to render an image from a code snippet. It's based on node-canvas module.


$ npm install code2image


var code2image = require('code2image');
var styles = { // it's default styles
    fontName: "monospace",
    fontMinSize: '6px',
    fontSize: '18px',
    fontRatio: 1,
    lineHeight: '20px',
    color: "black",
    background: "white",
    keyword: '#444 bold',
    built_in: "black",
    number: "black",
    string: "green",
    comment: "gray",
    decorator: "black",
    function: "black",
    class: "black",
    title: "black",
    params: "black",
    section: "black",
    regexp: "red",
    preprocessor: "black",
    attribute: "black",

code2image.render("var hello = 'hello';\nvar world = 'world';\nconsole.log(hello + ' ' + world);", 'test.png', styles, function(){


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