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var colorsCli = require("colors-cli")

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colors-cli v1.0.26

Terminal string styling done right


Build Status

Terminal string styling done right. ಠ_ಠ

Install with npm:

npm install colors-cli --save-dev




ForegroundBackgroundBright ForegroundBright Background
black black_b black_bt black_bbt
red red_b red_bt red_bbt
green green_b green_bt green_bbt
yellow yellow_b yellow_bt yellow_bbt
blue blue_b blue_bt blue_bbt
magenta magenta_b magenta_bt magenta_bbt
cyan cyan_b cyan_bt cyan_bbt
white white_b white_bt white_bbt

Basic usage:

Output colored text:

var color = require('colors-cli')
console.log('hello') )

Best way is to predefine needed stylings and then use it:

var color = require('colors-cli/safe')
var error =;
var warn = color.yellow;
var notice =;

Styles can be mixed:

var color = require('colors-cli/safe')
console.log('=>','hello') )
console.log('=>', color.magenta_bt.underline('hello ' + color.blue_bt('wo' + color.yellow_bt.magenta_bbt('r') + 'ld') + ' !!!!'));
console.log('=>', color.magenta_bt.underline('hello ' + color.blue_bt('wo' + color.yellow_bt.magenta_bbt('r'))));
console.log('=>', color.magenta_bt.underline('hello ' + color.blue_bt('world') + ' !!!!' + color.yellow('kenny') + ' wong' ));

var color = require('colors-cli/safe')
console.log('=> ' + color.underline('$ ' + 'npm'.magenta.underline + ' install'.yellow.underline + ' colors-cli --save-dev'));
console.log( 'hello'.green );
console.log( 'hello'.green.black_b.underline );
console.log('=> apos;.green + ' npm '.magenta + 'install '.yellow + 'colors-cli'.cyan + ' --save-dev');

ANSI 256 colors

Support ANSI 256 colors. [0 - 255], The rules of method name.

  • Foreground x32
  • Background xb32
var color = require('colors-cli/safe')
console.log( color.x45.bold.underline('hello') )

console.log( 'hello'.x23.underline );
console.log( 'hello'.green.xb34.underline );

Use the command line

 Usage: colors


   --black  => black
   --black_b  => black_b
   --red  => red


   colors --red "\nhello world" --bold,underline,yellow "wcj"
   colors --green,bold "\nhello world"
   colors --x12,bold "hello world"


The ANSI Escape sequences control code screen.

echo -e "\033[31;41;4m something here 33[0m"

\033 As the escape character, inform the terminal to switch to the escape mode.
[ The beginning of the CSI.
m Make the action to be performed.
; ASCII code separator.


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