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var commemoji = require("commemoji")

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commemoji v1.1.7

A command line tool to make emojify your boring commit messages.


npm version Build Status js-semistandard-style

A command line tool to make emojify your boring commit messages. :star2:


  • Emojis are cool. :sunglasses:
  • A lot of text is boring. :unamused:
  • People like emojis. :smile:
  • People don't like to read. :rage:


$ npm install -g commemoji


Use commemoji wherever you'd use git commit -m.

An emoji with purpose

Want to standardize? Are you fixing a bug, writing docs, adding tests, or something common? Use the -k flag with a commit type to get the emoji that best represents your commit. Check out Atom's contributing guide for more info.

$ commemoji -k "Fix bug causing random emojis to be returned." "bug"

Common commit types

  • :bug: "bug" | "b" - When fixing a bug.
  • :art: "formatting" | "f" - When improving the format/structure of the code.
  • :memo: "docs" | "d" - When writing docs.
  • :racehorse: "perf" | "p" - When improving performance.
  • :penguin: "linux" | "l" - When fixing something on Linux.
  • :apple: "mac" | "m" - When fixing something on Mac OS.
  • :checkered_flag: "windows" | "w" - When fixing something on Windows.
  • :fire: "removal" | "r" - When removing code or files.
  • :green_heart: "ci" - When fixing the CI build.
  • :white_check_mark: "tests" | "t" - When adding tests.
  • :lock: "security" | "s" - When dealing with security.
  • :arrow_up: "upgrade dep" | "ud" - When upgrading dependencies.
  • :arrow_down: "downgrade dep" | "dd" - When downgrading dependencies.
  • :shirt: "lint" - When removing/adding linter warnings.

A desired emoji

Want to express something specific with your commit? Just want that :poop:? Use the -s flag and specify a query after your commit message.

$ commemoji -s "This code is legit, but this message is boring." "fire"

A descriptive emoji

Not sure how you feel about the commit? Just supply your message and we'll give you an emoji that describes your commit message, or a random one if we can't find one that does.

$ commemoji "This code is legit, but this message is boring."

Replace keywords with emojis

Use the -r flag to replace any keywords in your commit message with emojis. This flag can be used with any of the other flags or by itself.


Thanks to @muan and emojilib for providing an awesome resource for GitHub-supported emojis. :clap: I frequently used their emoji searcher before creating this tool.


MIT :copyright: Joe Martella


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