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commit-conv v1.0.3

Converts commit messages based on commit conventions


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Converts commit messages based on commit conventions.


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Convert a commit message into one that follows the specified commit convention.


  • param Object<string> Parameters
    • param.tag string Tag of the commit message (e.g: fix, chore, feat, docs, test, ...) (optional, default required('tag'))
    • param.msg string Header of the commit message (optional, default required('msg'))
    • param.convention string Name of the commit convention (angular, atom, ember, eslint, jshint or none) (optional, default '')


commitConv({tag: 'docs', msg: 'Update', convention: 'angular'}); //'docs: update'
commitConv({tag: 'fix', msg: 'bye bye #1', convention: 'eslint'}); //'Fix: Bye bye #1'
  • Throws Error Invalid convention
  • Throws Error Invalid tag in specified convention

Returns string Commit message


Please refer to that.


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Maximilian Berkmann

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