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var connectVtexid = require("connect-vtexid")

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connect-vtexid v1.3.6

VTEX ID Authentication middleware for Connect

connect-vtexid Build Status

VTEX ID Authentication middleware for Connect. Written in coffee-script

It automatticaly caches vtexid response and handles errors


$ npm install --save connect-vtexid


Use it as any other Connect middleware

var connect = require('connect')
var app = connect()

var FIVE_MINUTES = 5 * 60

var options = {

var connectVtexid = require('connect-vtexid')
middleware = connectVtexid(options)


Can as well be used as a grunt-contrib-connect middleware



Default: false

Enables logging


Default: 1

Controls the desired verbosity level. Available options:

  • 0: quiet mode
  • 1: low verbosity
  • 2: medium verbosity
  • 3: high verbosity


Default: 5 minutes

Value (in seconds) setting how long the cache will live


Default: false

Overrides default route white-list with an array of strings or regexes Does not replace if values is false (default)


Default: []

Adds routes to current white-list. It can be a string, a regexp or an array containing either strings or regexes


Default: /admin/login?ReturnUrl=

String to vtexid redirect page It is automatically added to the white-list


Default: /admin/logout

String to logout route


Default: true

Set to false if you do not want to pass the request url as parameter to the redirectUrl

Custom libs

URI White list

white-list sets a white list containing every public URI. It receives a publicUris parameter that is an array containing all public uris. Each public uri must be either a String or a RegExp


  • /admin/Content
  • /admin/Scripts
  • /meta/whoami
  • /^/admin/Site/Login.aspx/

Redirect url

return-url sets the vtexid redirect url.

Cookie parser

cookie-parser is a custom lib-independent cookie-parsing function.


redirect is a custom lib-independent client-side redirect function.

Http errors

http-errors is a custom function for rendering error pages: It receives the res object, a statusCode as parameter and an optional customErrorPagePath , and returns an errorRendering function.

The errorRendering function receives an error message body and the vtexid cookie as parameters

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