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var cookieman = require("cookieman")

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cookieman v1.2.3

Simple commonjs cookie lib with path and domain awareness and ie7+ support


Simple commonjs cookie lib with path and domain awareness and ie7+ support


var cm = require('cookieman')


Get an array containing all available cookies that match specified name

cm.get('foo') // [{name: 'foo', value: 'bar'}]


Set a cookie, with optional options object to specify expiry, path and/or domain

cm.set('name', 'value', {
  expires: [date], // e.g. new Date(new Date().getTime() + 60000) or a timestamp
  path: [path], // e.g. '/'
  domain: [domain] // e.g. ''


Return the first value of a cookie that has been set on the page, or null if the cookie is not present



Get an array of all available cookies

cm.cookies() // [{name: 'name', value: 'value'}]


Clear a cookie. This returns a boolean indicating whether the cookie was cleared or not. Note that to delete a cookie which lives on a specific path and/or domain, you must specify its path and/or domain.

cm.clear('name', {
  path: [path], // e.g. '/'
  domain: [domain] // e.g. ''
}) // true


Brute force clear all cookies with specified name on all super/subdomains and paths and return path and domain of cleared cookies

cm.clearAll('name') // [{ path: '/', domain: '.foo'}]


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