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var coralogixLoggerWinston = require("coralogix-logger-winston")

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coralogix-logger-winston v1.0.11

Winston transport for sending logs to coralogix

npm version


Use coralogix-logger-winston to easily add a transport to winston inorder to send your logs to Coralogix's log analytics platform.


npm install --save coralogix-logger-winston

Javascript example (see ts example below)

var winston = require("winston");
var CoralogixWinston = require("coralogix-logger-winston");

// global configuration for coralogix
var config = {
    privateKey: "9626c7dd-8174-5015-a3fe-5572e042b6d9",
    applicationName: "YOUR APP NAME",
    subsystemName: "YOUR SUBSYSTEM",


// configure winston to user coralogix transport
    transports: [new CoralogixWinston.CoralogixTransport({
        category: "YOUR CATEGORY"

// use winston"use winston to send your logs to coralogix");

Typescript example

import * as winston from "winston";
import {CoralogixTransport} from "coralogix-logger-winston";

// global configuration for private key, application name, subsystem name 
const config = {
    privateKey: "YOUR PRIVATE KEY",
    applicationName: "YOUR APP NAME",
    subsystemName: "YOUR SUBSYSTEM"


    transports:[new CoralogixTransport({
})"use winston to send your logs to coralogix");
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