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cordova-plugin-add-swift-support v2.0.2

Add Swift support to your iOS plugins

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This Cordova plugin adds the Swift support to your iOS project.


You can add this plugin directly to your project:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-add-swift-support --save

Or add it as a dependency into your own plugin:

<dependency id="cordova-plugin-add-swift-support" version="2.0.2"/>

By default, the Swift 4 support is added but the legacy version (2.3) can still be configured as a preference, inside the project's config.xml, within the <platform name="ios"> section:

<preference name="UseLegacySwiftLanguageVersion" value="true" />

Or it is possible to specify the version as following, inside the project's config.xml, within the <platform name="ios"> section:

<preference name="UseSwiftLanguageVersion" value="5" />

If needed, add a prefixed Bridging-Header file in your plugin in order to import frameworks (MyPlugin-Bridging-Header.h for instance). As an example you can have a look at this plugin.

If the cordova-plugin-add-swift-support plugin is already installed to your project, then you can add your own Swift plugin as usual, its prefixed Bridging-Header will be automatically found and merged.


The src folder contains ECMAScript 2015 source files, the minimum Node.js version is 6 (Boron).



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