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cordova-plugin-admob lists no main file and has no index.js, so it can't be directly required. If this is a mistake, please let us know. It may however contain internal files that you can require manually:

// require("cordova-plugin-admob/[??]")

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cordova-plugin-admob v3.2.5

The FASTEST and EASIEST TO USE Cordova Admob plugin for Android, iOS and Windows phone. Pure open source without any traffic sharing. Allows preloading and automatic loading of interstitials and banners plus more. Works with Cordova, Phonegap, Intel XDK/Crosswalk, Ionic, Meteor and more.

Cordova Plugin for AdMob, Open Source Project

The FASTEST and EASIEST TO USE Cordova Admob plugin for Android, iOS and Windows phone.

Simple and easy plugin to monetize your HTML5 hybrid apps and games.


  • Create your app
cordova create hallo com.example.hello HelloWorld
cd hallo
cordova platform add android
  • Add the plugin
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-admob


cordova plugin add

Example Code:

        window.plugins.AdMob.setOptions( {
          publisherId: admobid.banner,
          interstitialAdId: admobid.interstitial,
          bannerAtTop: false, // set to true, to put banner at top
          overlap: false, // set to true, to allow banner overlap webview
          offsetTopBar: false, // set to true to avoid ios7 status bar overlap
          isTesting: false, // receiving test ad
          autoShow: true // auto show interstitial ad when loaded
        // display the banner at startup
        // create interstitial ad

See full index.html:

Note: This plugin is quite stable, and will not be evolved any more, except upgrade AdMob SDK.

Additional Android Manifest Configuration

Recent versions of the Android Google Mobile Ads SDK require to add the AdMob app ID into the Android manifest file.

This can be accomplished by extending your Cordova config.xml as follows:

<widget ...>
    <platform name="android">
        <config-file parent="/manifest/application" target="AndroidManifest.xml">
            <!-- TODO: Replace with your real AdMob app ID -->

When using Google Ad Manager, use instead:

                android:value="true" />

AdMob Basic vs Pro

If you want to use more powerful and new features, please use the pro version instead. The totoally re-designed AdMob PluginPro is proved much better and more than welcome by Cordova APP/game developers.

As announced by Cordova team, the plugins registry is being migrated to npm, you can find all plugins by Raymond here.



This plugin was mainly maintained by Raymond Xie, and also thanks to following contributors:

  • @jumin-zhu, added interstitial support for Android.
  • @fersingb, added interstitial support for iOS.
  • @ihshim523, added initial WP8 support.
  • @AlexB71, improved WP8 support.
  • And, bugfix patches from @chrisschaub, @jmelvin, @mbektchiev, @grahamkennery, @bastaware, @EddyVerbruggen, @codebykevin, @codebykevin, @zahhak.

This project is fully open source, and no ad traffic sharing any more.


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