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var couche = require("couche")

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couche v0.0.4

couchdb client for node, with specific apis

Node Couchdb Client - Couche

Build Status

There are already many couchdb client in npm, and some of them are great project, but still not implements all the couchdb features that satisfied my needs in auth and flexibility, and not updated for one year. Some other libs has fewer apis and failed to meet needs. Even some are not complete yet or not freindly to use.


npm install couche --save


Create a couch server:

var couche = require('couche'),
    server = couche('http://localhost:5984');


var CouchDB = require('couche').CouchDB;
    server = new CouchDB('http://localhost:5984');

You can pass username && password to auth() make authentication:

server.auth(username, password);

Or you can utilize the session by login:

server.login(username, password, function(err) {
    // do admin ops
    server.logout(function(err) {
        // final work

Get a database:

``` js
var db = server.database('couche');

Or using bind:

var db = server.couche;

// destroy

You can extend database:

   // read documents by page
   page: function(n, limit, callback) {
       // Don't use skip/limit do page on views, see
       return*limit).limit(limit|| this.defaultLimit).exec(callback);
   defaultLimit: 20
});, 20, function(err, rows) {
    // get page items

Create database and insert new doc

var server = require('couche')('http://localhost:5984');

var db = server.database('test');
db.destroy(function(err) {
    // create a new database
    db.create(function(err) {
        // insert a document with id 'jack johns'
        db.insert({ _id: 'jack johns', name: 'jack' }, function(err, body) {
            if (err) {
                console.log('insertion failed ', err.message);
            // body will like following:
            //   { ok: true,
            //     id: 'jack johns',
            //     rev: '1-610953b93b8bf1bae12427e2de181307' }







(The BSD License)

Copyright (c) 2014, Villa.Gao <>;
All rights reserved.


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