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create-aragon-app v2.6.3

Aragon command-line tool to create aragon apps

Create Aragon App

Will set up an Aragon app project so you can start building your app from a functional boilerplate.


create-aragon-app <app-name> [boilerplate]
  • app-name: The name or ENS domain name for your app in an aragonPM Registry (e.g. myapp or myapp.aragonpm.eth). If only the name is provided it will create your app on the default aragonpm.eth registry.

  • boilerplate: the Github repo name or alias for a boilerplate to set up your app. The currently available boilerplates are:

    • react: this boilerplate contains a very basic Counter app and a webapp for interacting with it. It showcases the end-to-end interaction with an Aragon app, from the contracts to the webapp.
    • buidler: (experimental) this boilerplates is similar to react using the buidler task runner with a custom plugin for developing Aragon apps.
    • bare: (deprecated) this boilerplate will just set up your app directory structure but contains no functional code.


npx create-aragon-app myapp
cd myapp
npm start

Once finished, this will open http://localhost:3000/ in your default browser.

Note: npx comes with npm 5.2+ and higher. If you use npm 5.1 or earlier, you can't use npx. Instead, install create-aragon-app globally.


In the root of the repository, run:

npm run pretest

And then in packages/create-aragon-app, run:

npm test

To test only one file, try:

npm test -- <path to test file>

Local environment

Some commands like aragon run depend on a local dev environment (ipfs, ganache).

We set up this up during the pretest hook & tear it down during the posttest hook.


  • Start IPFS
  • Start Ganache
  • Create a test app


  • Stop IPFS
  • Stop Ganache
  • Delete the test app

Tip: Did a test fail and the local environment was cleaned up? Try npm run test:clean.

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