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var createCert = require("create-cert")

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create-cert v1.0.6

Super simple self signed certificates


Super simple self signed certificates

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create-cert is a convenient wrapper around the pem module. It generates a self signed certificate with sensible defaults along with an associated CA certificate to validate against. It has a Promise based API and returns the keys in a format that can be passed directly into https.createServer.


npm install --save create-cert


const createCert = require('create-cert');

createCert().then(keys => console.log(keys));
// {
//   key: '-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----\n...',
//   cert: '-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n...',
//   caCert: '-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n...'
// }

You can create a fully functioning HTTPS server like so:

createCert().then(keys => {
   https.createServer(keys, (req, res) => res.end('Hi!')).listen(443);

For strict SSL usage you can set the common name for the certificate and validate it against the CA certificate. An example using the Got request client:

createCert('').then(keys => {
   https.createServer(keys, (req, res) => res.end('Hi!')).listen(443, () => {
     // This request will succeed without issues
     // as the SSL certificate will successfully
     // validate against the CA certificate.
     got('', { ca: keys.caCert });



Returns a Promise which resolves to a keys object.


Type: string, object
Default: { days: 365, commonName: '' }

If a string is passed in, it will be used as the commonName. You can pass in any valid option for pem.createCertificate() to override the defaults.



MIT © Luke Childs

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