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var croakGruntFaker = require("croak-grunt-faker")

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croak-grunt-faker v0.1.1

Be naughty, avoid FUD from developers and tell them they are using Grunt

Croak Grunt Faker

Be naughty, avoid FUD from developers and tell them they are using Grunt


If you decide to use Croak in your project, that's fantastic!! but maybe introduce a new development tools can generate a bit of FUD to the developers

This packages allow you to be naughty and makes the Croak CLI look like the native Grunt CLI, making Croak really transparent to the end developer

How to proceed


This is a totalitary solution as Croak Grunt faker will replace the native Grunt binary. All of your projects should use Croak instead of Grunt, so you can't use Grunt CLI directly. This is an ideal choice for project-isolated execution environments

Behind the scenes

Install Croak instead of Grunt, if you don't have it already installed

$ npm install croak -g

Then configure it

$ croak init -g

Install the faker

Be sure you previously remove the grunt-cli package

$ npm remove grunt-cli -g
$ npm install croak-grunt-faker -g

Lie to them

$ grunt iam so happy with it --debug --stack

The above command will be translated into a the Croak CLI as:

$ croak run iam so happy with it --debug --stack

You can also pass Croak specific flags via the faker

$ grunt --project excalibur

Check if Grunt is fake (and keep it secret):

$ grunt --iam-faked


Released under the WTFPL license

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