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var cryptomancyShard = require("cryptomancy-shard")

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cryptomancy-shard v2.0.0

really basic secret sharing based on xor


For secret-sharing schemes which need support for threshold recombination there's cryptomancy-secret. If your needs are incredibly simple, this module may provide a simpler option.

Its goal is to be:

  • small
  • fast
  • flexible
  • readable
  • secure

It's missing:

  • threshold support
  • authentication
  • padding bytes


// the API takes and outputs Uint8Arrays
// so you'll probably want to convert between that and different formats
var Format = require("cryptomancy-format");

// it expects you to supply your own randomness
// so it can be deterministic if that suits your needs
// otherwise use a cryptographically secure source of random bytes
var Source = require("cryptomancy-source");
var secure_bytes =;

var plaintext = "PEW PEW PEW";
var u8_message = Format.decodeUTF8(plaintext);

// load the library
var Shard = require("cryptomancy-shard");

// split the plaintext up into 5 shards
// all of which are necessary to reproduce the original value
var shards = Shard.split(secure_bytes, u8_message, 5);

// print out your shards in whatever format you like
// I like base64 because they're probably not valid UTF8
// and I don't like hex

// join the shards
// order doesn't matter because internally it's just xor'ing the values
var recovered = Format.encodeUTF8(Shard.join(shards));

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