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var csslintStylish = require("csslint-stylish")

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csslint-stylish v0.0.6

A stylish reporter for CSSLint, heavily inspired by jshint-stylish


Stylish formatter for CSSLint

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This reporter

vs original:

Original reporter


CSSLint Node.js API

To use it with the csslint api, you will have to call csslint, as well as assemble the report, manually.

var csslint = require('csslint').CSSLint;
var csslintStylish = require('csslint-stylish');

var report = csslint.verify(/* css as string here */);

// Format the report stylishly
var stylishReport = csslintStylish.startFormat() + csslintStylish.formatResults(report) + csslintStylish.endFormat();

// Then write it to the console

csslint CLI

It's currently not possible to use a custom formatter with the CLI.

I have a PR with csslint that would make it possible. See


It's currently not possible to use a custom formatter with the gulp-plugin.



Starting with version 0.5.0, it's possible to use custom formatters with grunt.

See the example in their repo


csslintStylish.formatResults(report, filename, options)


Type: Object Optional: false

The report generated by calling csslint.verify.


Type: String Optional: true

The name of the file linted.


Type: Object Optional: true

An options-object. Valid options are:


Type: Boolean Default: false

If true, will print the absolute path of the file linted, instead of the relative.

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