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This is a playground to test code. It runs a full Node.js environment and already has all of npm’s 400,000 packages pre-installed, including cssobj-converter with all npm packages installed. Try it out:

var cssobjConverter = require("cssobj-converter")

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cssobj-converter v2.2.2

Convert from normal css/LESS/SASS/SCSS to cssobj

CSSOBJ Converter

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Convert from normal css/LESS/SASS/SCSS to cssobj.

The online version is below:

( Currently using OpenShift free hosting for nodejs backend, it will sleep for some idle time.

If you cannot open the page, try again after few seconds, it will wake up.

Someone can help with this? Or provide a node js hosting? )



npm install -g cssobj-converter


cssobj [option] [cssfile]


--output-ooutput file name(.js file)
--pretty-ppretty format output js object default: true
--css-ccss code from command line
--format-fsupported: css,less,js. If js then convert from cssobj into css. default: css
--watch-wwatch [dir] for changes default: false
--recursive-rrecursive convert all [css/less] files in [dir]; default: false
--keepVendor-kkeep vendor prefix for css props

If no cssfile and no -c, then cssobj will read from STDIN.


#read from stdin, (Ctrl+D) to convert

#convert abc.css into cssobj, output to stdout
cssobj abc.css

#convert abc.css into cssobj, output to abc.js
cssobj abc.css -o abc.js

#convert abc.js into css then output
cssobj -c '{p:{color: "red"}}' -f js
cssobj abc.js -f js

#convert abc.css into cssobj, output to abc.js, without pretty format
cssobj abc.css -o abc.js -p false

#convert less
cssobj abc.less -f less -o abc.js
cssobj abc.less -o abc.js  #same as above

#convert css in command line
cssobj -c "p{ color:red; }"

# all files in folder convert to .js
cssobj ./abc

# convert all files in folder and watch
cssobj ./abc -w



npm install -S cssobj-converter


var converter = require('cssobj-converter')
console.log( converter('p { color: red; }') )


From the lib folder, npm i then run below script:

npm run server

Service URL: http://localhost:8080

Accept POST json data as below:

curl -d '{ "text" : "p {color:red;}" }' localhost:8080
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