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var cwrcPublicEntityDialogs = require("cwrc-public-entity-dialogs")

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cwrc-public-entity-dialogs v3.0.1

Dialogs for the CWRC-Writer that lookup people, places, organizations, and publications in public authority files.



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  1. Overview
  2. Installation
  3. Use
  4. API
  5. Development


The CWRC-PublicEntityDialogs are used with the CWRC-WriterBase to lookup entities (people, places, organizations, and titles) in various public name authority files (e.g. VIAF) or databases (e.g. Wikidata). The dialogs only provide public lookup. Creation/editing/deletion of entities should be made outside of the CWRC-Writer in the name authority itself.

The currently available entity lookup sources are:


npm install cwrc-public-entity-dialogs


The dialogs must be configured with entity lookup sources, using the registerEntitySources method. They are then passed to the CWRC-WriterBase.

const EntityLookupDialogs = require("cwrc-public-entity-dialogs");

const viaf = require("viaf-entity-lookup");
const dbpedia = require("dbpedia-entity-lookup");

  person: new Map().set("viaf", viaf).set("dbpedia", dbpedia),
  place: new Map().set("viaf", viaf).set("dbpedia", dbpedia),
  organization: new Map().set("viaf", viaf).set("dbpedia", dbpedia),
  title: new Map().set("viaf", viaf).set("dbpedia", dbpedia)

const CWRCWriter = require("cwrc-writer-base");
const writer = new CWRCWriter({
  entityLookupDialogs: EntityLookupDialogs


View the full API here


CWRC-Writer-Dev-Docs explains how to work with CWRC-Writer GitHub repositories, including this one.

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