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require("prop-types/package.json"); // prop-types is a peer dependency. require("react/package.json"); // react is a peer dependency. require("react-dom/package.json"); // react-dom is a peer dependency. var dangerouslySetHtmlContent = require("dangerously-set-html-content")

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dangerously-set-html-content v1.0.8

Render raw html at your own risk!

⚠️⚠️⚠️ dangerously-set-html-content ⚠️⚠️⚠️

Render raw html at your own risk!

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Here's a blog post that explain more in detail:


React uses dangerouslySetInnerHtml prop to render raw html, and works pretty much well for almost all the cases, but what if your html has some scripts tags inside??

When you use dangerouslySetInnerHtml on a component, internally react is using the innerHtml property of the node to set the content, which for safety purposes doesn't execute any javascript.

This behavior seemed very odd to me (I mean the prop name contains the word dangerously, and also you need to pass an object with a __html propery, which is on purpose, so you really know what you doing), although has totally sense now, still doesn't solve my issue

After a little bit of search I found that the document has something called Range, this API let you create a fragment of the document, so using that I created dangerously-set-html-content.

This React component renders html from a string, with the plus of executing all the js code that html contains!! 🎉



yarn add dangerously-set-html-content
// or
// npm install --save dangerously-set-html-content


import React from 'react'

import InnerHTML from 'dangerously-set-html-content'

function Example {

  const html = `
    <div>This wil be rendered</div>


  return (
    <InnerHTML html={html} />

This will also work for scripts with the src attribute set it


MIT © christo-pr

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