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dbcsv v0.0.3

A simple csv file(s) backed database.


Build Status

A simple database sourced from csv file(s). An alternative to csvdb which is actually really great and where you should be looking for this sort of functionality first. I needed something a little simpler and more specific for a project. Due to the nature of CSV files everything in dbcsv is treated as a string, even the numbers.


var db = require('dbcsv')(<csv source filename>, [options object]);


The options object may contain:

  • encoding string, encoding value of the CSV source, defaults to 'utf8'.
  • headers boolean, treat the first line as column headers, defaults to true. With this enabled you may alias columns with their header names in search() and column(), likewise results are returned as key, value pairs with the header value as the key. When disabled the column numerical index is used as the key. Column index may always be used in search() and column().
  • trim boolean, remove whitespace from entries, defaults to true.
  • headersLower boolean, transform header names to lowercase, defaults to true, only useful if headers is enabled.
  • separator string, used to indicate what separates each column defaults to a comma.


  • .headers array of column header values, will be numeric values if headers are disabled.
  • .numColumns the number of columns in the database.
  • .size the number of rows in the database (excluding the header row if headers are active).
  • .version the package version of this module


  • .column(key) return an array of all the data in a column, key is the column index (leftmost starting from 0), key may also be header value if headers are active.
  • .row(index) return single row array at numeric index starting at 0, if headers are enabled first data row is index 0.
  • .search(query) returns a two dimensional array of all rows exactly matching properties represented in the query object, if query is a function return all rows where function returns truthy.


/example/basic.js applied to source file ../test/sample.csv.

var dbcsv = require('..'),
path = require('path');

var source = path.resolve(__dirname, './test/sample.csv');

var db = dbcsv(source);

console.log('-- .headers --');

console.log('-- .numColumns --');

console.log('-- .size --');

console.log('-- .version --');

console.log('-- .column(0) --');

console.log('-- .row(0) --');

console.log('-- .search({threshold : "3.0"}) --');
console.log({threshold : '3.0'}));
-- .headers --
[ 'id', 'threshold', 'description' ]

-- .numColumns --

-- .size --

-- .version --

-- .column(0) --
[ '1', '2', '3', '4' ]

-- .row(0) --
{ id: '1',
  threshold: '5.0',
  description: 'This is the first row of data' }

-- .search({threshold : "3.0"}) --
[ { id: '2',
    threshold: '3.0',
    description: 'This is the second row of data' },
  { id: '4',
    threshold: '3.0',
    description: 'This is the fourth row of data' } ]


  • better csv parsing options
  • read only for now - the need to write out is not present yet
  • seperate "has headers" from "use headers" in configuration
  • there will be a conflict for headers if headers have numeric index
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